Plasti Tremp was created in 1986 by Jean-Pascal Godon. It initially offered bellows through its dipping process.

The company gradually grew. In 1996, robotic dipping lines were introduced in the company. Mass production was then possible, providing greater productivity and responsiveness. Plasti Tremp’s parts have greatly changed over the past ten years, becoming increasingly customised to the needs of its customers.

In 2014, Plasti Tremp acquired Atelier de Beaulieu, specialising in the manufacturing of endpieces and grips, and which also owned injection moulding machines.

At the start of 2016, a new building was built on the Plasti Tremp site to accommodate Formuplast, the raw materials manufacturing plant, previously located in Cosne-sur-Loire.

Plasti Tremp now has more than 30 employees and an automated factory that produces high quality products round the clock. The company has continued to develop, grow and improve. Dipping techniques for new creations,

Plasti Tremp can meet many demands, including your own.

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